2nd Grandmaster Hironori (Jiro) Ohtsuka Sensei

Jiro Ohtsuka was born in Tokyo, Japan on the 28th February 1934. This was also the year that Wado karate was originated by his father, Hironori Ohtsuka sensei.

2nd Grandmaster Hironori (Jiro) Ohtsuka SenseiHe is introduced to martial arts at an early age. And studies various styles, such as kendo, Akido, Jujitsu, Judo, and Iaido.

At 15 years old he starts training in Wado Ryu karate, under the expert tutorage of his father, grandmaster Ohtsuka 1st. For the next 33 years he spends as much time with his father as possible, who will groom him into the one-day head of the style he created.

In 1955 he graduates from Meiji university with a degree in economics.

He starts to assist and accompany his father teach Wado karate throughout Japan, as well as continuing to study and train under him.

2nd Grandmaster Hironori (Jiro) Ohtsuka SenseiIn 1965, his son Kazutaka is born. He is now the chief instructor at the Wado Ryu Honbu dojo in Tokyo. Hironori Ohtsuka 2nd has two other children. Rikki, born in 1967, and Kazumichi, born in 1968.

In the late sixties, and seventies, he accompanies his father throughout Europe and America teaching Wado. He would often demonstrate sword defence with his father, and attack him with a live (extremely sharp) blade. Grandmaster Ohtsuka' s hand would sometimes be bandaged where he had been nicked at an earlier demo. They performed with a great amount of realism.

His father abdicates his position as grandmaster in November 1981, and installs his son Jiro as his successor, and the second grandmaster of Wado karate.

In January 1982 his father passes away, and in following his fathers wishes and in the Japanese tradition (of ancient Japan), Jiro assumes the name Hironori Ohtsuka 2nd. He says that on the day before he died, his father was still thinking about his karate technique, and wondering how he could improve it!

2nd Grandmaster Hironori (Jiro) Ohtsuka SenseiHe continues to train night and day to perfect the skills that he learnt off his father, & to develop Wado karate for the 21st century. On his 66th birthday, he states that he feels he now has about 50% of his father's knowledge. A hard act to follow!

There are presently over 1,000 branch dojo's throughout the world, with a membership of nearly 50,000, which are currently under his supervision.

Ohtsuka sensei continues to head Wado Ryu karate do worldwide, and teaches every other year throughout England and Europe.

His ongoing commitment is "To strive to achieve his father's greatness."

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