Corin Pegden 3rd Dan

Corin Pegden 3rd Dan teaches at the Farnham and Haslemere clubs.

Corin Pegden 3rd DanHe began his Wado karate training in 1985 and has been training ever since.

Despite the odd dabble with other martial arts such as Kickboxing, Kung Fu and Jujitsu, he has concentrated on trying to become reasonably proficient in Wado karate, something he feels is more than a lifetime's work on its own.

He attained his 1st Dan black belt in 1993 and 2nd Dan in 1998. Spending 14 years with his local Wado-kai clubs, he then found a course in Guildford via the internet around 1999, of which the main instructor was Shiomitsu Sensei.

Other instructors were Sensei's Sugasawa and Iwasaki, along with a very impressive N. Suzuki, a Jujutsu expert who inflicted great pain on some of the other seniors when demonstrating, despite his small physique.

He was so impressed with the standard of instruction, quality of the students and depth of knowledge of the instructors that he joined the Wado Academy shortly afterwards.

Corin graded for 3rd Dan in 2007 under a panel including Shiomitsu Sensei and Kazutaka Ohtsuka.

He has been teaching the Haslemere club since 1997 and in Farnham since 1996. He says he says was never motivated to teach as he didn't feel ready to at the time, but circumstances meant that he had little choice, although he is now glad he did.

Corin likes his classes to be a blend of hard work yet fun, both mentally and physically challenging and he always wants his students to continue to improve their technique in every lesson.

He achieved one of his ambitions by training in Japan in 2009 and says his two goals for the future are to train harder and to ensure he trains with Shiomitsu Sensei and the senior Wado Academy instructors as often as possible.

Corin can be contacted on 07876 577675.

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