Welcome to Aldershot, Farnham and Haslemere Karate Clubs - Chief instructor M. Shiomitsu Sensei 9th Dan Hanshi.

Aldershot, Farnham & Haslemere karate clubs teach the traditional martial art of Wado Ryu karate in the Surrey, Hampshire and Guildford areas.

We run three small, traditional and friendly clubs teaching Wado Ryu karate, which is a Japanese martial art. The emphasis is always on quality, and not quantity of student. We are non profit clubs and whilst having access to some top instructors, we also offer private tuition and our services to local schools. We charge reasonable prices and you only pay as and when you train. Traditional karate combines physical and mental training, to enhance concentration, mobility, coordination, strength and reaction speed.  Please either just turn up at a class, telephone 07876 577675, or email info@surreykarate.co.uk for more information. The first lesson is free, our classes are popular with and ideal for women!

Wado Academy Winter Course 2017.Winter Course Wado Academy 2016

The 2017 Wado Academy Winter Course, held at the Guildford Spectrum in Surrey, was well attended and a great weeks training.  Here is a write up of the week, attended every day by Shiomitsu Sensei 9th Dan, our chief instructor.

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Wayne Otto OBE videos.Wayne Otto 2016

We have put up a couple of videos from the 2016 Wayne Otto OBE seminar on our YouTube channel. Click here and here to see them. The nine times World champion has moved to Norway to coach their national team, so there will be no seminar in 2017 with him.

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Shiomitsu Sensei 9th Dan Hanshi grading books.Farnham Karate Academy Shiomitsu Sensei

The clubs Chief Instructor has produced three grading books explaining not just the syllabus, but  Wado karate concepts in great detail. These cover the early, middle and later stages of the training before black belt. Now back in stock!

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