Classes for Kids & Children

Training in the martial arts can be hugely beneficial for children in a number of ways. Not only do kids develop core strength, balance and agility, most will see a noticeable increase in confidence and self-discipline as well.

Classes for Kids & Children

While the martial arts have their roots in "fighting", our training aims to help the kids avoid conflict, rather than them purposefully engaging in aggressive behaviour.

Children who would not always be comfortable participating in traditional team sports such as football, rugby, cricket, hockey or netball etc, will find that they really enjoy our karate classes.
Those who are small in stature, shy, or suffer from low self-esteem may benefit greatly from our instruction in Wado karate, although all kids should find participation in our martial arts classes meaningful and rewarding.

Our karate lessons will not only help your child to develop a stronger body, but also help them develop a strong character and mind as well. They are designed to help the participants gain discipline, self-control, and self-confidence.

When taught by our patient and knowledgeable instructors, our students should find that the principles that they take away from our classes will also help them to manage many other areas of their lives with discipline and dignity.

Our emphasis at the Aldershot, Farnham and Haslemere clubs is on teaching traditional karate in a fun and safe environment, whilst under the supervision of our fully qualified instructors. They collectively have over 60 years of karate experience between them and are well practised in developing the skills of young children of all ages

All the classes are run with the children's safety and well being as our priority, whilst we ensure that they have fun and enjoy the benefits karate will offer them.

Classes for Kids & ChildrenA typical class will consist of a variety of the following - Warm up; games; basic kicks, punches and blocks; kata; pads; mats; break falls; pair work. Higher grades will also have the opportunity to spar. Classes are always varied to try and keep the kids concentration and interest.

Our structured grading syllabus is designed specifically for children, to ensure they are continually striving towards and meeting new goals.

The minimum age for the children is 6 years old.


Please read a few of the comments below from parents of children who have attended the children's classes

"Congratulations to my son on being made student of the month. Karate has given him increased self confidence and the benefits extend to school and the rest of his life too. Thanks are due to Sensei and all the instructors and higher grades for the support and encouragement you give to all the kids."

"The standard you set was high, and we admired the instructors who corrected the students when required. It is with your experience that you can see small errors in the children and the guidance/instruction you provided was of a very high standard.

"The karate club members were always extremely friendly and welcoming; I just wish I could train there more often!"

"My child has had many issues with concentration whilst at school. That was, until he started karate with your clubs. He has shown a great improvement in not just his behavioural skills, but he can now sit still for much longer and takes on board far more than he used to"

"My daughter enjoys your lessons so much, she just loves to practise what she has learnt on a Tuesday night and can't wait until the next lesson!"

We will welcome any questions that you have and feel free to call us on 07876 577675 at any time, or email for more details on the kids classes.

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Wado Academy Winter Course 2017
The bookings forms will be available soon. The dates are Sat Feb 18th to Weds Feb 22nd at the Guildford Spectrum.

Xmas closing dates 2016
Farnham - Last class Sunday 18th Dec. Reopens Sunday 8th Jan

Haslemere - Last class 14th Dec. Reopens Weds 4th Jan.

Aldershot - Last class Weds 21st. Reopens Weds 4th Jan.

We often get asked about beginners courses. We don't run them specifically, but beginners are welcome at any time at any lesson. Call us if you want to chat first, all serious students welcome.

New Dan Grade syllabus
The Dan Grade syllabus for 2015-2017 is now available at this link.