Karate for Women and Girls

Karate is a fantastic activity for females of all ages to enjoy, although it can traditionally (and wrongly) be known as a male dominated martial art.

Karate for Women and GirlsIt is valuable to women in helping them understand how to protect themselves in their everyday lives and is very practical for women and girls of all ages for self-defence; which in turn will greatly increase their self esteem and confidence.

An average session will burn as many calories as a keep fit workout, kickboxing lesson or circuit's class. It is also great for reducing stress and tension, due to the intensity of the workouts and having the chance to glove up and hit some pads.

The ladies who train with us will also tell you that sparring can be good fun and another great way to get rid of any worries daily life may bring.

You'll finish every lesson feeling a sense of huge satisfaction, elation and be totally reinvigorated, yet know you've been pushed and challenged.

Because none of the karate techniques we practise require great muscular strength, it means that it is an ideal martial art for females to practise. Also, because the genetic make up of a woman's body naturally gives them more flexible hips and fluidity than their male counterparts, women can become adept at karate very quickly.

Karate for Women and GirlsIn summary, any woman who takes up karate will learn a superb means of self-preservation, meet new friends and find it is fun, but while also bettering their health and general levels of fitness.

Here are a few quotes we have asked some of our current female students to provide us;

"I have to admit my pre-judged thoughts were definitely wrong! I was right to think that karate is about discipline and respect, but it is also a lot of fun and there's a real sense of humour in each class! The lessons are relaxed and friendly and when I started, everyone made a huge effort to make me feel welcome."

"I was really pleased to find many other females at the classes and that there is no age limit, so nobody thinks you're a joke!! The classes are carefully controlled and monitored; beginners are really well looked after and introduced very slowly to the different aspects of karate, such as sparring, pair-work and co-ordination skills."

"I like the fact that the learning process is never ending no matter how high a grade you are and that discipline and respect for each other are taught right from the start, as part of the learning process. I had done Kickboxing and Kung Fu before, but now I do karate simply because I really enjoy what I'm doing and it is such great fun."

Karate for Women and Girls"I just wish I had started karate years ago! To know what I now know would have been so useful when I was at university and travelling around on my own. As well as being great for fitness, self confidence and enjoyable, because the emphasis in karate is on core stability and body movement, it means you get all the advantages of yoga, keep fit or pilates, but you get a great workout as well!"

"I think Karate is much better for women than going to the gym or dieting and it is so good for confidence, fitness and also self defence. Socially it is better than many other sports; you should really just give it a try, so what are you waiting for... go for it!"

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Wado Academy Winter Course 2017
The bookings forms will be available soon. The dates are Sat Feb 18th to Weds Feb 22nd at the Guildford Spectrum.

Xmas closing dates 2016
Farnham - Last class Sunday 18th Dec. Reopens Sunday 8th Jan

Haslemere - Last class 14th Dec. Reopens Weds 4th Jan.

Aldershot - Last class Weds 21st. Reopens Weds 4th Jan.

We often get asked about beginners courses. We don't run them specifically, but beginners are welcome at any time at any lesson. Call us if you want to chat first, all serious students welcome.

New Dan Grade syllabus
The Dan Grade syllabus for 2015-2017 is now available at this link. http://wado.karateforum.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/Dan-Grade-Syllabus-2015-2017.pdf